Kashara Johnson


Kashara Johnson is a content creator, designer, and cultural creator.



1. Social Good
2.Curiosity and Gratitude
3. Interdisciplinary collaboration


Design and Art Direction
Storytelling and Content Strategy
Web Design
Prop Styling

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Email // Kashara@UndiscoveredWorth.com

In the past and on multiple occasions, I've been advised to decide the quality of life I want and to build a career around it. Did I take that advice? Nope, not immediately. It took moving to NYC for an internship at DoSomething.org, receiving a hundred rejection letters for full-time work, and shedding quite a few tears in a subway station before it all began to click. From there, I began writing a list of things I wanted to accomplish in life that weren't solely tied to money, getting real about my skills, and brainstorming ways to mesh all of those things into something that roughly resembles a career.

When not designing, you can find me creating content on Undiscovered Worth. Undiscovered Worth is a multimedia platform rooted in the belief that all stories are connected through our shared human experiences. With a mission to expand the human capacity for empathy, the platform provides this opportunity through a number of personal interviews.

Do I have it all figured out? Of course not, but I've chosen to do something that many are afraid to do. I've decided to relieve myself of the pressure to choose the more "traditional" path and instead follow my curiosity and pave my own way. 

WHo I've worked/Partnered with:

- ACLU of Alabama
Carrie Hammer
- Dior Vargas [The Colors of My Mind Book]
- Jefferson County Memorial Project
- MyRecipes.com
NAACP [Birmingham Chapter]
- RealSimple.com
- United Nations Association of Birmingham


Online Features and Places I've spoken:

- americanism book
- B-Metro Magazine
- AMAfeed - Ask Me Anything
- Seriously Delicious Cookbook, Prop Styling
Equity at the Table
- United Nations Association of Birmingham International Women's Day Celebration at UAB
West Elm Birmingham International Women's Day Panel Discussion
- Samford University "Race, Class, Gender, and the Media" Panel Discussion
- BuzzFeed